Perspective: Expanding the universe of exploration capital

Perspective Issue Twenty Seven - December 21, 2017

Who’s on Track?

By: Gary Baschuk, Managing Director, Mining and Senior Geologist

With the Q3 reporting done, we’ve summarize the main Canadian gold company’s production and financial results to illustrate who is ahead, on-track and behind in their guidance – also those who revised their initial guidance. Production in the quarter was down year-over-year, although Agnico Eagle (AEM-TSX), Alamos Gold (AGI-TSX), Kirkland Lake (KL-TSX), Richmont (now part of Alamos Gold) and Tahoe (THO-TSX) bucked the trend with increased gold production and increased annual forecasts. All-in-Sustaining Costs (AISC) averaged $921/oz providing a 39% margin from the quarterly average gold price of $1,278.68 (London PM Fix).

Table 1. Q3/17 Key Gold Company Production and Financial Figures


 Source: Company Q3/17 press releases and Financial Statements from Sedar, PearTree Securities.

Generally, the larger producers were able to take advantage of economies of scale and report lower cash costs and AISC, but are often saddled with higher debt loads.

Kirkland Lake Gold stands out from the pack with low cash costs and AISC plus an improved production profile (rising 15% from initial estimate) and low debt level. The recent discovery and extension of the exceptionally high-grade Swan Zone (532,000 oz gold at 58.8 g/t) at the Fosterville Mine in Australia should continue to lower costs and improve the production profile into the next few years. Kirkland also has expansion potential from the high-grade South Mine Complex at the Macassa Mine in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

Agnico Eagle also stands out as a major producer with improved 2017 production expectations, although only slightly exceeding 2016 production numbers, and at a low cost.

In order to meet the minimum revised annual guidance production quarter-over-quarter, Barrick must boost quarterly gold production by 73,000 ounces, Eldorado by 11,030 ounces, Klondex by over 30,000 oz gold equivalent, McEwen Mining by over 23,500 oz gold equivalent and SSR by 4,000 oz. In contrast, Kirkland Lake requires only 70,178 ounces to meet guidance, Premier only 14,727 oz and Wesdome only 8,815 oz, all substantially less than Q3 production results.

In early to mid-January, the Q/4 and annual production numbers will start to be released with year-end financials often arriving in February/March – then we’ll see who accurately predicted their production and costs. The production and costs are estimated based on the ore/geological models and short-term mine-plans. Although there can be uncontrollable events, like a wayward drill bit progressing down the crushing circuit and severely impacted production as was the case at McEwen Mining’s El Gallo Mine, most mines should know what to expect if adequate modeling was completed. We expect those companies with quality, well constrained models and costs would be most credible time after time and deserve a higher multiple to their share price and a dedicated shareholder base.

PearTree Spotlight

Impact of Exempt Market Dealer Amendments on Charity Flow Through Transactions

Peartree Securities Inc. – We are pleased to advise that under our securities licensing as a Portfolio Manager of managed accounts we can participate in prospectus offerings as well as resales of freely tradeable securities.

In transacting with PearTree the Underwriter does NOT open donor subscriber accounts, dealing exclusively with PearTree through its account with the Underwriter.  The following table compares the requirements of a structured flow through share transaction involving prospectus qualified securities.

If you would like to learn more about the tighter restrictions placed on EMDs promoting structured flow through share transactions, please read on.

EMDs Prohibited from Participating in Prospectus Offerings

On December 4, 2017, a number of amendments to National Instrument 31-103 (“NI 31-103”) of the Canadian Securities Administrators (“CSA”) came into force. NI 31-103 is the rule that regulates the activities of securities dealers and advisors registered to carry on business in Canadian jurisdictions.

Amongst other things, the amendments clarify the type of activities exempt market dealers (“EMDs”) are able to undertake in connection with the trading of securities offered under a prospectus. The CSA had previously introduced restrictions on the participation of EMDs in prospectus offerings, but many dealers interpreted the rules prior to the latest amendments to permit EMDs to distribute “prospectus-qualified securities” to an exempt market purchaser (such as an accredited investor) in reliance on a prospectus exemption. The CSA has now clarified that EMDs may not participate in any activity that is an “act in furtherance” of the trade of a prospectus qualified security in any capacity, including as a dealer (agent, finder, selling group member). The latest amendments to NI 31-103 also provide that EMDs are not permitted to participate in a resale of prospectus-qualified securities which are not subject to resale restrictions. In the commentary published by the CSA when the amendments to NI 31-103 were announced, the CSA specifically states that EMDs are prohibited from establishing an omnibus account with an investment dealer and trading listed securities through the investment dealer on behalf of their clients.

In the CSA’s commentary, the CSA takes the view that an EMD that is also registered as a portfolio manager (“PM”) is not restricted from participating in the activities the dealer may otherwise conduct in the capacity of a PM. For example, if a PM purchases securities on behalf of a managed account in a prospectus offering, the CSA would not consider the PM to be acting as a dealer in a prospectus distribution.

PearTree is a PM whose clients have managed accounts.


Agnico Eagle’s Meadowbank Mine

PearTree is proud to feature the Agnico Eagle METC Meadowbank case study video. The Meadowbank open-pit gold mine in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut – approximately 300 km west of Hudson Bay and 110 km by road north of Baker Lake – is Agnico Eagle’s first Low Arctic mine. This Canadian success story originated as a result of METC / flow through financing.

To learn more about the Meadowbank mine, click here.

Equity Research

By Gary Baschuk, Managing Director, Mining and Senior Geologist

Wrapping-Up 2017 Creates Opportunity

Exploration projects are winding up for the season – some will start drilling in the new year once the swamps and lakes freeze and rigs can be mobilized, others, particularly at higher elevations, will have to wait until late spring/early summer when the snow pack diminishes. Although the assay labs are still backlogged many companies have released final drill results from the 2017 program, although surface sample results are often delayed until later in the winter due to their lower priority.

Gold has dropped only 1.8% in Q4, while the GDJX has dropped 4.7% and some of the gold exploration company shares have fallen, in our view, disproportionally over the last quarter, even with positive drill results throughout the year. Although the winter season is typically a quiet time for exploration, we believe it creates a buying opportunity for companies with quality projects and people.

In this issue of the Perspective, we highlight some of the results from ATAC Resources Ltd. (down 25.7% in Q4), Nighthawk Gold Corp. (down 17.6% in Q4), TerraX Minerals Inc. (down 26.7% in Q4) and IDM Mining Ltd. (down 19.2% in Q4). Other companies with positive results that have underperformed the gold price and GDJX include Wesdome Mines Ltd. (WDO.TSX) down 11.5%, First Mining Finance Corp. (FF-TSX) down 11.8%, Cartier Resources Inc. (ECR-TSX.V) down 33.3%, Golden Predator Mining Corp. (GPY-TSX.V) down 13.2%, Victoria Gold Corp. (VIT-TSX.V) down 9.6% and White Gold Corp. (WGO-TSX.V) down 12.4%.

ATAC Resources Ltd. (ATC-TSX.V)

100%-Owned Osiris Yields More High-Grade Gold

ATAC’s 2017 drill program has wrapped-up and the assay results continue to return wide, high-grade gold intervals from the Osiris Property. ATAC has Canada’s only Carlin-style mineralized District and has optioned part of the property (Orion) to Barrick Gold (ABX-TSX). ATAC’s latest results are from the 100%-owned Osiris property which comprises four known zones of gold mineralization – Conrad, Osiris, Sunrise and Ibis. The latest results are from the final 11 holes drilled – five from Conrad, three from Osiris and three from Sunrise.

Conrad drill highlights include:

Hole OS-17-250: 8.44 g/t gold over 10.11m including 15.52 g/t gold over 4.93m

Hole OS-17-253: 1.76 g/t gold over 21.34m

Hole OS-17-255: 9.33 g/t gold over 21.56m including 14.57 g/t gold over 10.90m

Hole OS-17-257: 9.44 g/t gold over 12.19m

Hole OS-17-259: 5.44 g/t gold over 25.91m and 7.17 g/t gold over 33.53m

Figure 1. Conrad drill hole location and results

 Source: ATAC Resources Corp.

The 2017 drilling at Conrad has further defined and extended the cross-structures that appear to control gold mineralization – the 350 and 650 faults. Holes OS-17-257 and -259 were designed as follow-up holes to OS-17-238 which returned 20.78 g/t gold over 12.50m. The holes targeted mineralization at the intersection of the Nadaleen and 650 Faults and successfully intersected comparable widths of mineralization. The Company plans to further drill-test the area in 2018.

Sunrise drill highlights include:

Hole OS-17-251: 3.76 g/t gold over 5.89m

Hole OS-17-252: 8.39 g/t gold over 3.91m

Hole OS-17-254: 4.50 g/t gold over 5.93m and 4.55 g/t gold over 13.68m including 15.50 g/t gold over 2.67m

The drill holes continue to define a steeply-dipping zone of mineralization with good grades and widths and generally better, thicker mineralization at depth. The Company plans to further drill-test the area at depth in 2018.

Figure 2. Sunrise Drilling Plan Map

 Source: ATAC Resources Corp.

Figure 3. Sunrise Cross Section 480E illustrating grade and width increasing at depth – additional work is required.

 Source: ATAC Resources Corp.

The final three drill hole intersections were from the Osiris Zone. Mineralization at Osiris starts on a mountain top and continues to the intersection in hole OS-17-258 in the valley floor defining approximately 200m of vertical mineralization.

Osiris drill highlights include:

Hole OS-17-256: 2.45 g/t gold over 14.43m

Hole OS-17-258: 5.29 g/t gold over 16.46m including 7.41 g/t gold over 7.31m

Hole OS-17-260: 1.76 g/t gold over 12.63m

Figure 4. Osiris Cross Section 2480N illustrating mineralization from near-surface to approximately 200m depth.

 Source: ATAC Resources Corp.

ATAC continues to intersect wide intervals of gold mineralization and better define the controlling structures relating to the mineralization. As is typical with Carlin-type systems, the mineralization is focussed in areas of intersecting porous stratigraphy (either primary or secondary porosity) and structure. ATAC’s refinement of the model is leading to a better understanding of the geology and mineralization as is evident from the intersections at Conrad within the vicinity of the 350 and 650 faults. We expect more positive drill results in 2018 as the company continues targeting these prospective areas.

Nighthawk Gold Corp. (NHK-TSX)

Goldcrest Drilling Successfully Tests Depth and Strike Extensions

Nighthawk has completed the 2017drill program on the Indin Lake Gold Property, NWT. The program included 26,168m of drilling plus geological mapping and sampling with a focus on structural interpretation. All results have been released for the Colomac and now Goldcrest drilling, with only results from Grizzly Bear and North Inca outstanding.

The latest results were from 13 holes totaling 3,308m completed on the Goldcrest quartz diorite, a sill parallel to the Colomac sill. The Goldcrest sill is 400m west of the Colomac sill and is believed to have intruded the mafic volcanic rock package at a similar time. Mineralization, like Colomac, is concentrated near the upper contact where the rocks are more siliceous and susceptible to brittle fracturing. Goldcrest currently hosts an Inferred Resource in excess of 1 mln tonnes grading 2.19 g/t gold.

Figure 1. Location of Goldcrest Sill to the southwest of the Main Colomac Quartz Diorite Sill.

 Source: Nighthawk Gold Corp.

Figure 2. Goldcrest Sill Drill Hole Locations

 Source: Nighthawk Gold Corp.

Highlights from the drilling (reported as core lengths) include:

Hole G17-01: 1.61 g/t gold over 20m including 18.90 g/t gold over 0.70m

Hole G17-01B: 2.88 g/t gold over 13.60m including 13.70 g/t gold over 1.60m

Hole G17-02: 1.64 g/t gold over 14.30m including 2.92 g/t gold over 3.60m

Hole G17-02B: 1.59 g/t gold over 12.30m and 22.41 g/t gold over 9.50m including 104.71 g/t gold over 1.90m

Hole G17-03B: 2.75 g/t gold over 5.80m

Hole G17-04: 1.16 g/t gold over 22.10m including 3.73 g/t gold over 3.10m

Hole G17-06: 1.23 g/t gold over 11.60m

Hole G17-06B: 1.27 g/t gold over 5.00m

Hole G17-07: 5.61 g/t gold over 2.10m

Hole G17-08: 5.57 g/t gold over 1.80m

Hole G17-09: 5.40 g/t gold over 22.40m including 20.69 g/t gold over 3.00m

The drilling focussed on the 700m-central portion of the sill testing mineralization along strike and at depth.

We expect Nighthawk will resume drilling this winter once the lakes freeze and access improves via the winter road.

TerraX Minerals Inc. (TXR-TSX.V)

Field Work Wraps-up in Anticipation of Winter Drilling

The 2017 field program has wrapped up with TerraX making new gold and base metal discoveries in the historic Yellowknife Gold Camp. The large, 440 sq km property hosts high-grade gold mineralization in the Eastbelt and Northbelt plus base metal mineralization in the Northbelt.

The latest press release highlights grab-sample results from the central-western part of the property at the Ryan Lake Porphyry north of the past producing Crestaurum Mine (Figure 1). The polymetallic mineralization is located near the eastern contact of the Ryan Lake intrusion and includes grab samples up to 97.7 g/t gold, 32.4 g/t silver, 2.09% copper and 0.32% molybdenum. The mineralization at Ryan Lake is hosted in quartz veins cutting the porphyry and also the adjacent mafic volcanics.

Figure 1. Deposit Locations on the TerraX Yellowknife City Gold Property

 Source: TerraX Minerals Inc.

Base metal mineralization was previously reported at Homer Lake and has now been extended over 2km along strike. Grab samples from the 2017 program returned values of up 25.5 g/t gold, 529 g/t silver, 21% lead, 13.65% zinc and 1.50% copper. The mineralization is pervasive and hosted in a variety of rock types including mafic and felsic volcanics, mafic and granitic intrusives and quartz veins.

Figure 2. Homer Lake Lead Sample Results from Outcrop

 Source: TerraX Minerals Inc.

TerraX also extended the area of known gold mineralized zone along the Duck Lake structure on the Eastbelt Property. The quartz veins in the Duck Lake area are flat-lying and up to 1m thick. Additional field work in 2017 extended the vein system 2km south of the original discovery and 3km east. The veins are hosted in granite and described as being analogous to Lamaque-style deposits in the Val d’Or area of Quebec. Mineralization occurs both in the vein and in the altered host rock with values up to 6.19 g/t being received from the granites and up to 35.4 g/t from sediments. TerraX plans to conduct more detailed mapping and sampling in the area.

Figure 3. Sample Location and Results from Duck Lake flat veins

 Source: TerraX Minerals Inc.

IDM Mining Ltd. (IDM-TSX.V)

Red Mountain Drilling Leaves More for 2018

IDM released the final underground drill results from the 2017 program that tested seven different mineralized zones – 141, Marc, Marc Footwall, Marc Tail, AV, JW and SF. During the year, 29,312m of core drilling was completed focussed on underground resource expansion, metallurgical, infill and exploration holes. According to management, the program successfully expanded the reserves and remain open for additional expansion. IDM is steady advancing the Red Mountain Project and has commenced the Environmental Assessment Certificate/Environmental Impact Statement 180-day review phase (announced Nov 2, 2017). Meetings were held in Stewart, BC and with Nisqa’a First Nations communities in early December. The Company remains on-schedule for potential construction in 2018.

Figure 1. Red Mountain Underground Plan View with Drill Hole Locations

 Source: IDM Mining Ltd.

Highlights from the drilling (hole locations shown in Fig 1.) are tabulated below.

Marc, Marc Tail and Marc FW Zones

U17-1328: 4.85 g/t gold and 6.24 g/t silver over 6.46m (step-out)

U17-1329: 4.73 g/t gold and 12.90 g/t silver over 1.00m (step-out)

U17-1325: 12.71 g/t gold and 9.58 g/t silver over 11.50m (infill), and 2.12 g/t gold and 2.46 g/t silver over 6.00m (footwall lens)

AV, JW and Smit Zones

U17-1323: 13.67 g/t gold and 30.91 g/t silver over 25.00m (infill) including 69.03 g/t gold and 45.60 g/t silver over 3.00m

U17-1324: 38.27 g/t gold and 59.39 g/t silver over 3.78m (step-out)

U17-1319: 1.24 g/t gold over 85.50m (~60m true width) – disseminated mineralization including 3.73 g/t gold over 12.0m (~8.4m true)

SF and Bray Zones

U17-1314: 1.02 g/t gold over 26.52m including 4.03 g/t gold over 1.50m

U17-1315: 7.48 g/t gold over 2.15m

U17-1321: 7.59 g/t gold over 2.23m

141 Zone (metallurgical hole drilled sub-parallel to mineralization)

U17-1326: 1.71 g/t gold and 3.54 g/t silver over 13.0m and 1.89 g/t gold and 13.69 g/t silver over 85.21m

The Red Mountain Project has a 43-101 Proven and Probable Reserve of 1.953 mln tonnes grading 7.53 g/t gold and 21.86 g/t silver, Measured and Indicated Resource of 2.074 mln tonnes grading 8.75 g/t gold and 24.82 g/t silver plus an Inferred Resource of 0.3247 mln tonnes grading 6.21 g/t gold and 10.11 g/t silver. With the recently completed drilling, IDM plans to update the Reserve and Resource estimates in Q1 2018. The Feasibility Study completed in 2017 yields a 32% after-tax IRR with payback of only 1.9 yrs. mining at 1,000 tpd primarily utilizing longhole open stopes averaging 16m wide.

As IDM advances the permitting process combined with new resources, we expect IDM shares to appreciate as Red Mountain is de-risked.




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Important Disclosures

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AEM-TSX Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd.
AGI-TSX Alamos Gold Inc.
AKG-TSX Asanko Gold Inc.
ATC-TSX.V ATAC Resources Ltd. x x
ABX-TSX Barrick Gold Corp. x
ECR-TSX Cartier Resources Inc.
DGC-TSX Detour Gold Corp.
ELD.TSX Eldorado Gold Corp.
FF-TSX.V First Mining Finance Corp.
G-TSX Goldcorp Inc.
GPY-TSX.V Golden Predator Mining Corp.
IMG.TSX Iamgold Corp. x
IDM.TSX.V IDM Mining Ltd.
K-TSX Kinross Gold Corp.
KL-TSX Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. x
KDX-TSX Klondex Mines Ltd.
MUX.TSX McEwen Mining Inc.
NHK-TSX Nighthawk Gold Corp. x x
PG-TSX Premier Gold Mines Ltd.
PVG-TSX Pretium Resources Inc.
RIC.TSX Richmont Mines Inc.
SSRM-TSX SSR Mining Inc.
THO-TSX Tahoe Resources Inc.
TXR-TSX.V TerraX Minerals Inc. x
VIT-TSX.V Victoria Gold Corp. x
WDO-TSX Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.
WGO-TSX.V White Gold Corp.
YRI-TSX Yamana Gold Inc.
1 The Analyst(s) preparing this report (or a member of the Analyst’s household) have a financial interest in this company.
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