Investor benefits

At PearTree, everything we do is built around a flow through share donation financing structure.

For strategic institutional and accredited investors, PearTree Securities provides a mechanism in which common shares in high-quality Canadian resource companies can be acquired at an attractive discount to market prices to help offset the liquidity risk associated with market uncertainties.

We’re able to do this by delivering the tax benefits of a flow through share issuance to an initial subscriber and then transforming the underlying equities into common shares that can be included in a structured investment deal. Everything is done in a same-day transaction that has no impact on any existing bank/broker fee arrangements the investor may have.

How we can help

By providing optimized investment access to high-quality Canadian resource exploration stocks, the PearTree process allows investors to increase their investment commitments in the Canadian resource exploration sector and to grow their pipeline of new investments in a key sector of the Canadian economy.



PearTree has been working diligently over the past year to lobby the Ontario Government to increase the Ontario flow through Investment Tax Credit from the current 5% to 20%.
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Overall, our financing process provides a compelling win-win scenario in which investors and share issuers gain a competitive edge in the capital market and benefit accordingly. Specifically, the PearTree Flow Through Share Donation program offers investors the opportunity to:

  • Acquire high-quality Canadian resource companies at an attractive discount to market prices.
  • Offset the liquidity risk associated with broader market uncertainties.
  • Transform underlying flow through equities into common shares that can be included in structured investment deals, including offshore transactions.
  • Have end-to-end flow through share donation transactions executed in a single business day.
  • Impose no impact on any existing bank and/or broker fee arrangements.