For Bankers & Brokers

PearTree Securities facilitates structured flow through financings from beginning to end with subscriber funds firmly committed.

PearTree Securities delivers capital by way of exclusive access to the PearTree Financial Services donor base.

As an Exempt Market Dealer and Portfolio Manager, we bring PearTree’s unique value proposition directly to the entire investment community.

We offer the flexibility of being able to handle public or private placements and can participate in all or part of a flow through financing, depending on the needs of the issuer and their bank or broker. In effect, we provide investment banks and brokers with additional deal demand from a larger, more diverse investor base, as well as the potential for higher remuneration on larger financing deals.


As a further benefit, we add no incremental cost to the flow through financing process, because we’re paid by the flow through subscriber, with no fees or charge-backs to the share issuer, bank or broker. Participation in our program will not interfere with any existing fee arrangements you may have with your clients.


Special Report commissioned by PearTree Securities on the tax cost to the federal Treasury related to super flow through share financing in the mining industry.
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